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When the Bough Breaks

The new movie , When the Bough Breaks, a documentary about postpartum depression is powerful and compelling. It is an example of what I have been talking about in this blog and in Hour of the Wolf.  The film tells the story of challenges, courage, bravery and living each moment fully and with hope.  I […]

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The ice covered road

The holiday party was ending. We put on our heavy coats and headed toward the cars. The snow was fresh and the ground was icy and hard. The road from the mountain top retreat to the highway below was narrow and steep. Without 4 wheel drive or snow tires or chains on the tires you […]

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The challenge and the adventure

The challenges are always there. They come in many forms. Some forms may even look inviting, at first. But then you realize you are face to face with the latest hurdle. Maybe health. Maybe family. Maybe …fill in the blank.  At this point you either see the challenge as the next adventure in your journey […]

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The angel factor

I think it is a combination of his voice, the soulful guitar, the specific words, and the intangible feeling that you just want it to be so that makes me play the song over and over and think or dream about what could be . Willie Nelson is the voice. His guitar centerpiece of the […]

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The hidden place

I remember the day we first saw her. She needed a lot of work. She was neglected. She needed attention and some family to really care for her. The kids were little then. She was so big and had all kinds of hiding places. We got Cheyenne then. This sweet golden retriever slowly took over […]

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The flipping coin

It is as if there is this coin flipping over and over in the air on its way to hittng the ground. Then it hits, bounces around and spins a bit and ends up heads or tails….life or death. Adventure or sameness. Doing or not doing. Being or not being. But the coin is always […]

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A motorcycle and a dance in time

I saddled up the Harley early. There was a wonderful chill in the air. I bundled up and put on a face mask under my helmet. The Patagonia vest was perfect under the leather jacket. It was a cold ride especially when the speeds got up to 65 mph. I passed folks in their cars […]

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The unknown possibility

Embracing the unknown.  If you keep doing the same thing you probably are going to get the same result.  Maybe not, but the odds are good that same equals same. Yet, if you decide to release the same and walk toward the unknown, the possibilities are multiplied that  an adventure awaits you. There is a […]

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Independence, a Harley and the open road

We pulled into Independence ,Missouri around dinner time.  After wandering the quaint downtown area we pulled up the hotel of choice for the evening. Right in front of the lobby door was a beautiful blue and white Harley. The man and woman were saddling up. The leathers,the gloves, the helmets, headsets and the smiles. He […]

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It all was moving in slow motion. I watched as the dozen or so athletes at Crossfit went from doing walking lunges to jumping rope to sprints to squats. What hit me was all the smiles, energy and bright chatter. It was sweaty and fun. Laughter filled the air as everyone pushed themselves. Challenges over […]

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