Choices and consequences

They could seem minor or major. They could seem insignificant or not. But only time will tell the true consequence. There is always a consequence but the true one usually takes time to show itself. In Hour of the Wolf  I write about choices and decisions. Turning left or right and what would have been different if the other choice was made. Or maybe exercising. Testing yourself, questioning the boundaries of your strength and ability.  Not  letting age stand in the way of the challenge. Living consciously. The consequence of standing still is regret. We will never  fully know the consequence of our action until the last scene plays out. But whatever you choose come from a place of honor and nobility.  The consequences await.


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2 Responses to Choices and consequences

  1. HEATHER 03/10/2017 at #

    Paul I felt that was a message to me—–I have to get going and help myself—I always feel better after I go to my gym–which I could walk to —Thanks

    • Paul 03/10/2017 at #

      Choose health. Choose action. Have a great day.

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