Commit and dig in

There we were at Crossfit again. The Crossfit workout was a combination of sit ups, kettle bell swings and wall ball shots. Once it registered with me I just heard myself say…why not.

A total of 100 sit ups and 110 kettle bell swings and then 110 wall ball shots. But done in Crossfit ladder mode. 50 sit ups then 30-20-10-20-30 of swings and wall shots then end with 50 sit ups.

About 22 minutes later we were done and done. I realized then that Crossfit has become a metaphor of life.  Commit, dig in, complete. Refusing to give up on us. Pushing ourselves to perform. Struggling through the last 10 of everything, when you want to just stop and say enough.But then it is done. We give high fives.We head to the car and the unfolding day. It was the thought of once done it is done that stuck with me. That is the undeniable truth.  Once done it is done. So give yourself to the day…commit, dig in, complete your day.  Whatever it may be. Whether a workout or time with the kids or with your special one… Your new motto: commit, dig in, complete. All in …done and done.


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2 Responses to Commit and dig in

  1. Danielle Mastrogiovanni 01/27/2013 at #

    Yes! I’m hanging that motto up where I can see it every day! Thank you!

    • Paul 01/27/2013 at #

      Thanks…a great way to seize the moment…I am now on Facebook along with the ageless experiment…let me know what you think all!

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