Courage in the age of uncertainty

I have been writing quite a lot lately. I am hoping it is the framework for another book. Hour of the Wolf has seemed to have assisted many readers in reframing the journey of a single day.

This effort is about looking back over a life. So often life only seems to make sense looking backward.  Part of what I am writing is about having courage in a time that seems so uncertain. It becomes a personal choice. Not to lose touch with those who matter.  Telling your authentic story.  With all the advancements and social media connections people appear to be more isolated and searching for inner meaning than ever before.

It is  an uncertain time and so  this is when courage is most needed.  Courage and faith in the larger grander story that is you.


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2 Responses to Courage in the age of uncertainty

  1. Bruce Langford 04/20/2017 at #

    Continued success with your next book.

    • Paul 04/20/2017 at #

      Thanks buddy.

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