Defining your legacy….your purpose

One of the goals in this ageless experiment is to redefine our own journey and not have some definition or limitation or restriction superimposed on us by anyone else.  We seem to live in a time when everyone is a bit on edge or not feeling safe that the system is working fairly. Maybe it is the economic times. Maybe it is the sense of divisiveness in so many quarters of our society. There seems to be almost a joy that some find in highlighting the differences and exaggerating those differences as opposed to seeing the common  connection that truly binds us together. I have come to believe that we can not wait for someone to shine the light on the path we need to take. Rather we need to find our way. We  need to reach out and connect with the beauty of this moment, this gift, this singular journey. Our slice of eternity is right now and we need to seize it.

I would like to know how you define your journey. How you shine your light on the road you are travelling. How you are creating your legacy. How you are writing your story. How you deal with the uncertainty that is inherent in a life and move past it, embrace it and live joyfully, in spite of it. Share your experiment in living.


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4 Responses to Defining your legacy….your purpose

  1. suzanne 08/03/2012 at #

    Regretably, one’s journey is often preclude by hereditary factors and environment,especially early in life when one can’t control environmental factors. Therefore, it is often that one can’t even reflect on their journey until much too late to change course. As they say, wisdom comes with age.
    In terms of the current American society, we live in a communication revolution but ironically it has isolated us as individuals. WE don’t talk to each other : instead we text. As physicians, we don’t talk to the patients nor exam them: our current mission is to make certain that the computer has completed the exam. What a horrible state of affairs. Harold

    • Paul 08/03/2012 at #

      What wise observations. Sadly true. But it does not have to define our individual journey and effort. The purpose of the ageless experiment is that we can begin anew at any age.thank you for your reflections .

  2. Bruce 08/05/2012 at #

    It’s unfortunate that the “joy” you mentioned in recognizing and exaggerating difference isn’t appreciated as a reason for celebration rather than attack and domination. Variety in nature is a wonderful and beautiful thing. Why can’t it be so in human society?

    • Paul 08/05/2012 at #

      Well let’s start with each of us and grow from there.thanks for your wise reflection…

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