Do you have a mission statement. A personal mission statement. You wrote it down. You memorized it. It is the meaning of you to you. No one else.
Do you have a family mission statement. You sit down with your family and say this is what we stand for. This is what we mean. This is who we are.
To have a mission statement you must be in tune with your inner beat. Your inner song.
Yes, a song. The music of your life.
Commit to draft a mission statement. At any age or stage in life you can establish who and what you mean. Maybe to no one else but you and GOD.
Make it in the present tense. Make it an "I" statement.
"I stand for…I believe that I am…I know that I can…I submit that I will do ,each minute of each day, …."
Tell me what you mission statemnt is. Say it loud and clear. Let the world know. Don't hide from your destiny.
An ageless experiment.


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