Do you remember the first time. The first time you tasted ice cream. Chocolate milk. Pizza.
The first time you saw a butterfly. A sunrise. A sunset. The moon. A shooting star.
The first movie you ever saw. The first song you ever memorized.
The first time.
The great thing about kids and grandkids is that you can do it again. See, touch, smell, hear, taste things for the first time again through their experiences.
But can you also, on your own if you choose to, appreciate the miracle of it all and make each day the first day. Each hug the first hug. Each kiss the first kiss. Each moment the first moment.
She tasted chocolate milk for the first time today. She was in pure joy…all 2 1/2 years of her.
The first time.
Tomorrow, make it the first time again for everything.
An ageless experiment.


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