Don’t be too busy to live your life

Busy. Thst word seems to be the new mantra. I am busy. Too busy to call a friend? Too busy to be with those who matter? Busy doing what? Busy on what? As your life spins away and time slips by what are you spending it on? Is it something that matters so thst you can’t find the time to sit, reach out, connect and be with those who make your life worth your life?
One day. Once gone it is gone forever. It can never be recaptured. So before you say you are too busy…stop. Think about it. Reframe your journey. Change your mantra. How about instead of I’m too busy say….I always have time for you! I will be right there. You are important. This is your time. Be present in it. Too often we lose the connection because we are too busy being ….busy. Just think about it.


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  1. sharon marks 02/16/2014 at #

    Busy.. maybe. Thoughtless. . Maybe. I am confused lately.

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