Entering the unwritten world

First, you have to believe. It starts with that. Then, you have to envision it. But belief and envisioning just goes so far. In the end, it requires action. Being and doing go hand in hand. How often do we just hear the chatter. The complaining. The what ifs. But there is no commitment to actually living the idea.

Yesterday, I walked around our home for the last time . I said my quiet thank you to the spirit of both it and our history there. It took good care of us. Then I boarded the plane. I stepped into the unwritten.  The unwritten and the unknown. The present and the future are now waiting to be written and to be revealed.

The unknown and the unknowing must be part of our life. That is part of the adventure.  Life can not be about waiting. It can not be about sameness. It can not be about holding back. Don’t hold back. As we know…no one gets out of life alive.  So in the end, before the last page is turned,  consider entering the unwritten. Welcome the unknown and the unknowing into your life.  Your present and your future are eagerly waiting for your action.

At any age. Challenge yourself . Let go and board the plane. Share with us your moments of entering the unknown.

The ageless experiment.


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