Experience your life

The question seemed simple enough. It was not complex. It could be easily understood. Yet, it caused those who heard it to pause. Reflect. Search. Look puzzled. Smile then try to answer.
What are you doing with this crazy experiment that is called your life?
Your life. Your one and only.
You know the Hour of the Wolf awaits. You know that regrets can consume you. But time itself is what faces you. It is constantly ticking. It is always there.
Are you holding yourself back? Are you tying yourself down? Can you let go of the old and agree to appreciate this crazy experiment.
As each day goes by I see the light clearer.
The emails, calls, meetings and reviews I have received about Hour of the Wolf convinces me that the effort was worth it. Those who have embraced Wolf are reframing their journey. They are changing their destiny. They are seizing the opportunity that life can provide. Experience life. Take the trip. Surprise your friends and family. Live your moment.


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2 Responses to Experience your life

  1. Bruce Langford 04/01/2014 at #

    Significance trumps success.
    The currency of success tends to be only money.
    But the currency of significance is helping people change their lives (for the better).

    • Paul 04/01/2014 at #

      And you are significant!

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