Finite meet infinite

The comment keeps swirling around in my mind. It was told to me so long ago yet, as each year goes by, it makes more and more sense to me. “Man plans and GOD laughs”.

We  try so hard to control events. We actually believe we can figure it out and plan out the beginning, middle and end. But there is just no way.  The best we can do is react as calmly as possible to the debris, the twists and turns and the obstacles we encounter along the way. Just try to see the absurdity in it all.  Whenever you even think for a minute that you have any say in any of it, look up. The sky goes on forever. Forever.  Finite meet infinite.

So let it go. Realize the frailty of it all. The blink of an eye that we are here in the grand scheme of it all and try to laugh along with GOD. The  only thing that really matters is whether we are kind to each other in this unfolding short story. It is the kindness that will be the legacy.  Can you find the humor in it all. Please seek it out and stop taking it all so seriously.

The ageless experiment.


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2 Responses to Finite meet infinite

  1. Heather 09/24/2012 at #

    I felt that was written for me—as so many of you must feel—-Thinking of Pauls comments on all subjects makes us realize what a waste of time negativity is—must learn from that!!!

    • Paul 09/24/2012 at #

      Thank you! It is a daily effort…

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