For some reason


For some reason there are days that the loss of dear ones just overwhelms me. I then reflect and know that those gone are never really gone. They are here in spirit, dreams, memories and lessons learned. Don’t you hold on that way.  They are never really gone. Michael still talks to me in old emails that I look at when I want to reconnect. Arthur still with voice mails I listen to when I want to hear his wise words.. Hearing him always brings a smile to me. Steve and Cindy and mom and dad  I wrote about in Hour of the Wolf. Michael and Arthur wrote reviews of Wolf. So I can read them and hear the way they thought.  My mom and dad still teach me with their wisdom from years ago.  And Cindy is just always present in our last conversation.Are there those in your life that have never left.  They are always present  I am grateful that they were and continue to be part of my journey. The mystery. The magic. The beauty of life’s connected.


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2 Responses to For some reason

  1. HEATHER 04/24/2017 at #

    Beautifully said—-They are never out of my thoughts—-My husband who died almost 11 years ago My parents who died in the early 1970 ‘s —They are in my thought very often—-It is too bad that when we lose loved ones we can never see them again—-I dream of them and things remind of them but we can never hear their voice or touch them again ——

    • Paul 04/24/2017 at #

      They are always with us. Thanks for your thoughts.

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