Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving.  A day of expressing gratefulness. A moment to be appreciative of family and friends. A day to sit down and share both a dinner and great conversation.

My favorite moment is to sit in the family circle and listen to the expressions of grace. Grace. What a great word.

This year I wish you grace in all you do.

May it be a year of ageless living.



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6 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Danielle 11/22/2012 at #

    Grace, Gratitude, and Love: The Foundation of Life!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Paul 11/22/2012 at #

      You are so right. I wish you peace,love and joy in this wonderful season.

  2. T 11/22/2012 at #

    Happy Thanksgiving, Paul!! T

    • Paul 11/22/2012 at #

      Tattiana, thank you. I wish you and your family the most peaceful of holiday seasons. Thank you for your friendship.

  3. Chequita 11/28/2012 at #

    Your family will forever be in my thoughts on Thanksgiving day.

    • Paul 11/28/2012 at #

      Thank you….great memories

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