He always seemed angry. Even in his resting state there was a tenseness and a coiling of his body. Each part seemed to seep with anger. Don't know what started it. Don't know why. Don't know for how long it was that way but it just was his natural state….anger.
Over time it aged him. Over time it sapped his energy. The lines and wrinkles were odd shapes due to this negative emotion. An emotion that nothing good comes from.There is just no positive to that negative.
In the end it seemed like he never figured it out. Still raising his fist to the invisible. Some ghost. The only gift that came from that was seeing how it gets you nowhere. It does not advance the ball in any direction. He couldn't figure out the ways of the world. The highs and lows. The successes and setbacks. The dance of life with all its different paces and steps. Don't take anger onto the dance floor of your life. Leave it at the door. An ageless experiment.


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