Hour of the Wolf

Time has always fascinated me. It is so precious and yet so many put it in the back seat as they focus on less important things. Yet, time is the one asset that can never be duplicated or replaced. Each moment could be the last with that special person. The last hug. The last kiss. The last look into the eyes of someone who really understands you and will be there. This past year we have had challenges. But everyone does…in one form or another. At certain moments it seemed like time stood still and we finally understood the frailty of it all. The hour of the wolf was lived through once again and again clarity was there. Clarity of what you should do now. How you should live now. Who you should spend time with now. What you should finally put down and finally pick up. Be that one to shine the light. Hour of the Wolf is my effort to shine a light.


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2 Responses to Hour of the Wolf

  1. Bruce 05/30/2016 at #

    Keep making the efforts. Your work has meaning.

    • Paul 05/30/2016 at #

      Thank you my friend. Grateful for your friendship.

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