Hour of the Wolf

Over the last few months I have had the pleasure and honor of discussing Wolf with a number of  groups. It seems that the link with so many is the concept of time, choices and consequences. Time is such a gift. A gift that is usually ignored until it has just about run out. It is the ultimate paradox. Most people treasure everything else but time. Yet time is the most precious gift.  Mix that with choices and consequences and that seems to intrigue the reader and listener. It intrigues me. The fabric that makes up our lives. Think about it. The threads that weave our story and connect us with others. Reflect on it. The window is closing.  The choices have consequences. Choose wisely.  Live fully. Share your story.  Don’t hold back. The story of your life is unfolding.  I hope you will share your thoughts about how Hour of the Wolf has impacted your choices.


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