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What is it about time that is so fascinating. The clock ticks and your life winds down yet we run around spending it on what? I know we need to pay the bills. I know we want to live a fruitful life. Life has so much to offer yet we seem to box ourselves in to some regiment thst still makes no sense to me.
I let go almost a year ago. I let go of a routine and ritual. I wanted to write a book about time and reframe the conversation. I asked the reader to just think about the day and how to fill it more wisely.
A year has passed. I am still on this journey. I realize that it is the journey that is the treasure. Yet, can the balance be found. Can the message be heard over the noise? I hope so.
As I speak with readers and seekers I know that Wolf has touched a chord. Share your stories with those who matter. Don’t wait. As I get ready for another adventure I know now that I must continue. Join me. Seek your purpose. Find the balance. Connect and be present. Your story matters.


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2 Responses to Hour of the Wolf….join the conversation

  1. Bruce 10/10/2013 at #

    At the end of a monopoly game all the pieces go back into the box. Enjoy the game.

    • Paul 10/10/2013 at #

      It is the journey…find happiness in the quest.

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