I remember party lines. We had a phone but more than one household could use it. You would pick it up and someone else would be talking on it and you would ask how long they would be.
I remember the first TV. There was just a blank screen until the evening when a show would come on. We sat around the white screen waiting for the show to come on.
I remember the ice box. Ice being delivered. The milkman delivering milk, cream, half and half and butter.
I remember the Good Humor ice cream truck and the excitement when we heard the music. Decisions, decisions on what flavor to buy.
I remember our first car. A Hudson.
I remember staying upstairs of a tavern in Deposit, New York where we rented rooms when we went there on family outings. A bathroom down the hallway and the bar downstairs.
I remember seeing my first Broadway show. We got all dressed up to go to the theater those days. But we used to get dressed up to pretty much go anywhere those days.
The times were special. The events had meaning. Time was different then.Time seemed important and we measured it against grandfather clocks.
We wrote letters by hand and with a pen. Time was measured slowly then. Today it is all so fast. Too fast.
I remember walking on the beach in Atlantic City. Going to Sid Hartfields for cheese cake. The diving horse. The bell that you entered to go under the water to just see …water.
Oh what a time it was.
Through a child's eye it was a wonderland.
Find your child's eye. See the wonder in the simple, everyday things. See the wonder of time. An ageless experiment.


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