I remember seeing our dog, when he was getting ready to lie down, circle and turn and circle and turn some more, then move a bit to the left or right and get ready to lie down and then ,just before he did, would not. He would then take a few steps and start the process again. Circle and turn and finally lie down with a major release of air as if to say he got it right. This was his spot.
Some days that exact spot was no longer his spot. Some other place in the room or on the porch or on the deck became the spot. But when he was settled he looked so relaxed and at peace.
Do we have that sweet spot too.
A chair. A section of the couch. That corner of the bed. Or is it even a bigger spot than that.
Is it a town. A city. A family setting.
Niwot felt that way. A sweet spot.
We circled and turned and circled and turned some more. Then there was Niwot.
Is there a place you sleep better when you are there. Feel more complete.
Your glow returns.
Your foundation settles.
Or are you still circling and turning.
Age is like that too.
You settle into it.
At peace in your place in this place.
You can't force it.
You can't pretend.
Circle and turn until you know it is okay to be just right where you are.
Then relax into your life.
The ageless experiment.


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