In These Five Breaths

What would you do in your last five breaths?  Can there be salvation in the last five breaths ?  Can you solve the puzzle that is you and your life in the last five breaths. This is the theme of my new book in progress. No breath is wasted. Each breath holds the promise of an answer to the riddle of life. Can you put the puzzle of your life together within the last five breaths.

He found himself with just five breaths left. He decided to go back and revisit the story of his life and in the last five breaths find a state of grace.


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2 Responses to In These Five Breaths

  1. HEATHER 07/08/2017 at #

    When you were sick you probably thought of your last five breaths but thank God you made to where you are today

    • Paul 07/08/2017 at #

      Indeed. Thanks!

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