Independence, a Harley and the open road

We pulled into Independence ,Missouri around dinner time.  After wandering the quaint downtown area we pulled up the hotel of choice for the evening. Right in front of the lobby door was a beautiful blue and white Harley. The man and woman were saddling up. The leathers,the gloves, the helmets, headsets and the smiles. He has a Mohawk haircut. We walked up to them to comment on the bike and just talk about our love of motorcycles. They told us that they ride at night so that the heat doesn’t get to them. They came in last night from Nashville and were heading to Glacier National Park in Montana. We wished then well. We shook hands and it was clear they were military. There was a strength and classic style to them both. They were traveling the open road. The open road is a destination in and of itself. Not planes from here to there. That seems so disconnected when you are on the road. And so today we get back on the road heading through Kansas on our way to Colorado. Our motorcycles are waiting there. The Harley and the Triumph.

Can you find the open road in your journey.  Let the day just call you to live outside of the routine. I hope our Harley friends are finding their way to Montana. Where is your next off ramp taking you.


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