Invite the Hour of the Wolf into your life

It just made sense. In one blink of an eye it cleared up. As if the clouds parted and clarity appeared. Think about what matters. Really. What will you look back on with pride and want to share as a living legacy of your time here.
What is important to you. Unique and meaningful to you. Everything has become the same as everything else. Yet, we all have a unique story to tell. Why not tell it.
Hour of the Wolf is my attempt to ask you to begin. Begin your unique story. Fearlessly facing anything. Risking everything. Being a 100% you in the moment now.
The calls, emails, reviews and comments, directly and indirectly, to Wolf have been so gratifying. When you open up, life opens up too. The colors are brighter. The sounds are clearer. The music is richer. There is a liberation, a freedom, a easing out of tension when you finally introduce yourself to you.
For those who have embraced the Wolf, let me hear from you. Let your voice be heard. Share the adventure of discovery.


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