It was such a simple moment. Two strangers met, shook hands, exchanged stories and then went on with the rest of the day.
As the cross fit workout was ending, the garbage truck pulled up to do what those trucks do.
The driver got out of the truck to move a garbage bin in order to get it into position to have the truck forks lift it up. He shouts out that he sees me there all the time working out and smiled. He took his gloves off and I mine.
We shook hands and he asked about the workout. He commented that his knees were bothering him. I told him to just keep going. Don't give up.
We discussed age. He said what his was. I beat him by over a decade.
We laughed and he said he was not going to give up. He had a family to feed and still time. I told him that he inspired me to just keep at it.
We laughed again and went our separate ways into the day.
We are just all one. We are just all trying to figure it out.
Who inspired you today. Inspiration may come from the most unexpected place.
The ageless experiment.


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