It was the last week of the last month of the last year of this part of the journey. By week's end the boxes will be boxed, the pictures will be taken off the walls, the awards will be put in a back room, the handshakes and hugs will be exchanged and the head will spin because of how fast it all happened.
There should be a sign that says "beware…time is closer than you think." Kind of like the mirror on the car that says objects closer than appears.
So you look in the mirror and realize that time is closer than it appears. It is all an illusion. A dream inside a dream inside a dream.
Yesterday you were getting ready for some business trip. Tomorrow you realize that trip was 10 years ago. What was it about anyway.
I go back again and again to the basic way to walk this life. Straight, direct, true, humble and with a knowing smile.
A knowing smile that the essence of it all is so fragile, so subtle, so frail and odd in a tender way.
Today, reach out to a friend. Hug your lover. Kiss your child( no matter the age), and forgive yourself for your imperfections.
As the last box is boxed there is a tear and a laugh and a smile and a frown and a whisper. The whisper is that of time. Like the wind time simply touches the skin and moves on. Embrace time today. An ageless experiment.


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