Living outside of expectations

How did you spend your Sunday morning. What is your routine. Was it sleeping in? Was it the Sunday paper? A brunch?  Meeting up with friends for coffee? Sundays are great.

There are so many possibilities. A long walk.  An early glass of wine.  For us it was our Crossfit Sunday.  Short,sweaty, exhausting, challenging and fun. 20 minutes.

It is amazing how long 20 minutes can seem as it is ticking down and you keep doing squats, sit ups and barbell presses over and over for each of those 20 minutes. 15 squats, 10 sit ups and 5  barbell presses…over and over for 20 minutes. With 5 minutes to go it seemed crazy to continue but as the last few seconds ticked off we threw the weights down, stretched on the floor, gave high 5s and started the day.

It got me thinking about short bursts of time that we can accomplish so much in if we set our mind to it.  So often we toss away a few moments here and there believing it is insufficient  to get something done. How wrong is that!  Don’t focus on the time. Focus on the will to stretch yourself beyond your usual expectation. Live outside of  your usual expectations.

Today live agelessly.


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