Lost or found

There is this barbed wire fence. It is built high. It is rolling barbed wire spun around wood posts and metal stakes. It is wide too.  Too wide to high jump over. A fall would place you in great harm’s way. The fence separates the present condition from the future possibility. It is there so you know not to even try it. Yet, try you must.

It not you are trapped and  the only thing you know is a longing and nothing more. Sooner or later the effort must be made to get over that obstacle.  As we prepare to make the leap,I realized that the fence is an illusion. It is just all in our head. It is not real. It feels good to think it is real because then you don’t have to choose. You are merely  another trapped soul. But once you see it is still up to you to leap, you hesitate. It is just so scary.  But what is scarier is staying.

So  I ask you, safe and lost or danger and found. We find ourselves at the moment of the leap. Lost or found. Found is a liberation. But liberation must be seized. So I ask you….what are you waiting for. Make the jump. If you do the barbed wire fence will dissolve.

The ageless experiment awaits.


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4 Responses to Lost or found

  1. Karen 10/20/2012 at #

    And sometimes after you take the leap you may realize you have come to another “mind” fence. Only this one you have to steadily climb over.

    • Paul 10/20/2012 at #

      It is a constant journey. But steadily we conquer the fence. Just look up and out, put it all in context and know…it is all good!

  2. sharon 10/23/2012 at #

    ….and some tread water…

    • Paul 10/23/2012 at #


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