March 21: It is always the background movements or sounds that got my attention first. Don't know why that is. Whether a song, a story, a movie, even a scene of any kind it is the back story that draws me in.
In a song especially it is some beat or single note in the back of the song, hidden away, that tells me more than the main part ever does.
And so it is in life too. Look for the subtle. Look for that single glance. Study the scene and find that part that makes no sense or shouldn't be there but is. That will tell you all you need to know about the person, the event or yourself, then any glossy clever phrased rationalized tale.
The falsehood or the truth or the intention or the goal or the real meaning is found in the background noise or movements
In the ageless experiment, don't get blinded by the flash of colors and loud sounds. Look for the small gesture, the subtle movement, the quiet sound, the glance and find the truth. It is waiting for you but you must see the back story.


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