March 22: Give it all you got  was the cry. It was early in the morning. The sun had not come up yet and yet we were getting ready for the day. We knew that the exercise for the morning was going to be a challenge. The trainer was going to test us with the different moves, lifts and weights and sooner or later shout…give it all now.
I realized that that is life. The day. The job. The relationship. The friendship. The lover. Can we give it all. Can we bring all of us to each moment of the day or are we always in warm up or cool down mode.
Today… Release yourself from all constraints. In the ageless experiment be you…all of you.. Give it all you got. It is all you got. There comes a moment when you realize there is no second act or sequel to your story. There is just the story of your life. We were drenched in sweat as we finsihed the routine. It was a good sweat. It was an energizing sweat. The day began and we chose not to wait.


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