March 23: What is it with pictures that we hang up on the walls or prop up on desks and other furniture,either in our homes or offices. It is usually family. The children, the grandchildren, mothers, fathers,siblings,ourselves. Usually the shots are either of that person alone or in a moment of joy ,contemplation, celebration or some favorite activity…skiing,motorcycles,hiking,the beach, a swing, a party.
Why. Years have passed. Time has marched on as they say and yet,frozen in a time capsule, is the moment. A vacation scene. A wedding. A child who is long ago now an adult. I look at the pictures. What is the story they tell of a life, a family,a time, a wish, a dream. What do the pictures say about us now. They are a book, in pictures, and tell the story of a family. But to really appreciate them you need to watch the pictures and live the moment and see what happened next. The pictures stand alone but they are connected. Put them together in your mind. Visit the moving story of the still shots.
She is there. she is 2..then 7…then 18…then 21..then 36..then 45..then a few years ago..Now she walks into the room to say good morning.
This morning I watched her grow up again from that little girl to that sweet young child to that college student to young wife,mother,grandmother and now an independent,strong ,loving,ageless,timeless person.
Today love walked in and said good morning. I watched her walk through the ages, through the years, through the decades, through time just to hand me a cup of coffee and say have a great day.All those pictures led,at least for this moment, to sharing a cup of coffee on a March morning and wishing each other a day of peace.
In the ageless experiment continue to wander through time and your life connected to who you were,who you are and who you still can be.
Good morning.


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