March 25: It always comes back to the invisible.It is the invisible that ends up telling the whole story.Especially in the world today it is the invisible that says it all.
You hear the words. You see the images. You watch the story unfold in all its visible glory. But the real truth is found in the invisible.Search for it before you act otherwise you will misstep.
The invisible is where intention lives. It is where honor resides. Decency stands. Integrity works.Hope leads the way. Love is present.
The invisible world is where you need to be to understand the reality of any situation.
In a business transaction the paper is signed, the contract sealed, the money is exchanged but unless there is honor,decency, integrity and nobility of the participants the paper means so little. Oh it may be enforced but not till after trials and battles.
In daily life look for the positive energy. If it is a draining experience stay away no matter the words or promises.Follow the white light.
Life is played out in the field of invisible energy. One day scientists may very well discover that the light, the energy, is a distinct living being. It all plays out in the light. It all plays out in the type of energy released. It all plays out in the invisible world. In the ageless experiment seek the sights, sounds and vibrations of the invisible. Find the answer in that world. Trust it more than you trust the paper you are handed. Trust the light behind the paper.


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