March 27: At that moment time stops. The trees that swayed a minute ago in the breeze and are leaning a bit to the east are frozen in time in that bend. The dragonfly is suspended in space over the flower. Its wings not moving but it stays in mid air locked in the moment. As you walk through the garden your left foot is caught in mid movement and stays there as time stops.
Life itself is suspended for that moment. No reason for anything to move further. It is as if you wandered into a frozen garden but with all of life's colors, textures and beauty but just still.
Still. Silent. Silence. The quiet. Only then do you understand the beauty of simple movement, a step, a sigh, a whisper, a touch,a prayer. In that moment you know all there is to know. This moment happens all the time. It is the in between moments, the in between breaths, the in between thoughts. It is where your belief, faith, dreams and wishes reside. In the in between moments.
Can you be present then. Can you enjoy that moment. The in between. Where the ageless live. Just before the action starts, just before the words begin to flow, just before the activity of any given meeting or event, stay for a bit in the in between and capture timelessness and then begin anew.


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