March 28: Surprise yourself today. Do something you wouldn't normally do. Don't be so sure of the day. Don't be so positive how it will play out.
Go out of your comfort zone which so often makes people feel numb even without knowing it. Don't be so robotic with how you "usually" spend the day.
Throw yourself a surprise challenge today. Go left instead of the usual right. Skip the routine that is so "you" and redefine yourself to you today. Find that part of you that shows up only in your dreams and then is tucked away for the rest of the day. Risk doing something different and find that part of you that has been lost for too long.
Never believe it is too late to begin again. if there is no duality, if there is just now, if it is all an illusion anyway, lighten up, let go, release the stress, laugh at the challenge and re-create yourself. Today.
As this experiment continues be all you can be. Be ageless. Be timeless.Live boldly in your life. Take the hero journey. Be the story that you would want to read about. Why not. What are you waiting for.


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