March 29: If the journey is finite. If, in the end, it ends anyway. If no one gets out of life alive anyway, then why can't we relax into our life and not try so hard. Try so hard to be right. Try so hard to be perfect. Try so hard to be heard. What would it feel like if we just didn't try so hard.
The wind doesn't try to blow. The rain doesn't try to fall. The flowers don't try to bloom.Why do we try so hard to simply be.
She glides into the room effortlessly. She glows still. Life is etched on her face but it is a good etching.No false mask for her. No pretending to be anything but who she is right now.
Maybe that is her secret. She simply exists as intended.She is natural. She stopped trying long before me. Maybe that is why she is so far ahead.


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