March 30: There is that saying: Wherever you go there you are. That saying and thought has been around a long time. Don't know who said it first but is it true.
Yet so many people believe that if they go somewhere else they don't take with them their same baggage. Odd indeed.
Each journey must go from the inside out. Not the outside in.Oh it may be new, different,exciting for a bit but then your "stuff" sooner or later shows up and there you are…just a new setting but the same patterns.
The new job or city or relationship or…fill in the blank…but then unless you have spent time with you and come to terms with you and relaxed into you and found you…it is still the same issues.
So on this day, before you decide that an external change is so needed , spend time inside and visit you. Make the changes there that are needed first then travel where you will…because …wherever you go there you are. It is an ageless experiment.


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