My teachers

Age does not matter. It truly is irrelevant. The proof of that reality is what my grandkids teach me every day. I see courage. Refusing to be stopped in wanting to try anything and everything. They are fearless. They see the world as only possibilities. They want to learn. Try. Seek. Do.

Whether learning to ski or swimming or diving or hiking or biking or trying guitar or piano  or drums or  anything else that peaks their interest they just want to be involved with life. They want to immerse themselves in the adventure of the day.

Have you stopped trying to immerse yourself in the adventure of the day?  The day.  Your one day. Don’t phone it in. These kids don’t. I think they sleep well because they gave it all during the day. They just let it loose. Laugh hard. Want to know why about everything. It is inspiring. Whenever you get a bit weary look at these marvels and learn from them.

Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Age is irrelevant indeed.

The ageless experiment.



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2 Responses to My teachers

  1. Danielle Mastrogiovanni 01/27/2013 at #

    Love this! Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

    • Paul 01/27/2013 at #

      My pleasure…thanks for being there…

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