New year thoughts.

Every year the ritual takes place. Farewells and resolutions.  This time it feels different.  It feels more. Maybe the health issues this past year added to the  drama of life. Open heart surgery I guess gets its point across.  We are strong and fragile at the same time.  The ultimate human paradox. So how to treat 2017. What to do differently. Or better.  We seem to have lost the ability to just be present with each other. We are constantly distracted.  As if there was some place else more important to be than in your life in the moment. Well there isn’t.  This is it. Your time. Your journey. Your story. Your moment. Your definition. The money goes. The stuff goes.  But your story continues to be told.  So live a story you would like to read about when you go to the book store and seek out inspiration.  This year more than ever be the one who makes the difference. So much time is spent just wasting it. Choose not to.  Find the quiet.  Seek out the truth. Be the reason someone smiles. How you live your life each day is the meaning of your life.  So live it with meaning. Hour of the Wolf. The ageless experiment.  The moment.


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5 Responses to New year thoughts.

  1. Patricia Echenique 12/29/2016 at #

    I pray that you and your family are blessed with health, wealth, joy, love and time to enjoy it. Happy New Year… Thank you for sharing your amazing insights.
    All my best

    • Paul 12/29/2016 at #

      Thank you! Happy and healthy new year to you and your loved ones. Hope our paths cross again in 2017.

  2. HEATHER 12/29/2016 at #

    Thanks Paul That is a wonderful message—-love you for what you write and how you live !

    • Paul 12/29/2016 at #

      Thank you ! May it be a year of health, family and friends. What else is there? Love

  3. HEATHER 12/30/2016 at #

    Again I love what you wrote—It is all true—-I am still working my it—-

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