Not just numbers but a life

They are not just numbers. They have true meaning. This coming week holds three days of importance. Each one leads me to the conclusion that we are truly the masters of our fate.

The writers of our unfolding story. Yes, there is risk in life. But what would life be without risk.

Yes, there are failures in life.  But how else would you know success. And really aren’t those two experiences just how we react to life?

So this week….16…18…19.

They equal:

45 years of marriage.

68 years of one life.

10 years after one surgery.

Think about your journey. If we are to live agelessly, then embrace your journey fully….anniversaries, birthdays and challenges with the heart of a hero.



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2 Responses to Not just numbers but a life

  1. sharon 06/16/2013 at #

    Celebrate!!!! Enjoying your book very much and intend to share with others. I thank you f or sharing your life, insights, wisdom…your time.

    • Paul 06/16/2013 at #

      Thank you!!! Live agelessly. Race the wolf and win!

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