Now and forever. How long is that exactly. I mean you hear it all the time. Especially at weddings and engagements and anniversaries and intimate moments. Forever and a day. How long is forever and a day.
How long is now and forever.
Is it just more words on words.
The Twelfth Of Never was a song that always stayed with me. To me it meant a moment in time that will never arrive during my life.
No matter the ups and downs, the connection was real, honest and true. Now and forever or forever and a day or the twelfth of never meant we were here to stay.
In today's world where everything is a fungible and so easily disposed of on a whim, try to recapture forever.
It permits you to relax into the most tired part of the day because you know that your forever is on their way home.
Only when the clock strikes a time that does not exist will this love end.
An ageless experiment.


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