One more dance

The song came on and took me away. Maybe it was the song, the email I just got a moment before the song came on  and the movers carrying all the boxes and furntiture in from the truck. I don’t know. But…well, it got me thinking…again.

Dance with my Father Again was the song. It unfolds the story of a simple pray. A man is thinking back to an earlier year and simply wants to dance with his father again. He also wants to see his mom and dad dancing again. I remember putting my feet on his feet and holding hands and walking around the room. I remember laughing in delight as I watched my parents dance.

The email was  from our neighbor saying that they missed us being their neighbor . The morning ritual of chatting with each other as we got in our cars to head to work or chores. The new folks moved in to our home and new rituals would be formed. The email came in as the rooms were filling up with history from before , that is becoming  the now. I put the iPod in the cradle and the song started weaving its magic.

One more dance. One more conversation. One last hand to hold. One.  We are only given one chance to get this life right. One. As time passes think about it. We have been given memory so we can time travel. I understand that. But as you live your life know each moment is the one moment you may want to revisit. I will miss the previous morning ritual. But new ones will begin. But for now, I would love to jump in the pool with the kids when they were 9 and 7 one more time. So as I now put on the song again, I close my eyes and time travel. Today, on this Sunday, close your eyes and dance one more time with the memory  of  that special one on that special day.


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6 Responses to One more dance

  1. Heather 11/18/2012 at #

    what a beautiful expression of your thoughts—a new chapter and new life with all the memories you have

    • Paul 11/18/2012 at #

      Remember dancing with your dad…feet on his feet…so sweet..

  2. Lisa 11/18/2012 at #

    music is so powerful…what a wonderful way you have captured it 🙂

    • Paul 11/18/2012 at #

      Good morning my friend. Thank you. Have a musical day

  3. Lindsay 11/18/2012 at #

    Thanks dad. A those memories I take with me. Wish I could do it one more time too.
    Love you

    • Paul 11/18/2012 at #

      My little girl dreaming of adventures. You are always with me.

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