One more time

Of all the images I saw  at the inauguration  it was one of the last ones that lingered with me. The President was leaving the platform and then turned back to see the crowd still cheering . He stood there and said that he wanted to take a look since he would never see this again. Never see it again

It got me thinking. Sooner or later we are all there. We will want to turn around and ask whether we can experience certain events again because we know it will never happen again. What will it be for you? What part of your day  are you rushing through that you will look back on and wistfully ask if you can watch it or live it or experience it again. But that is not the way it works. We can’t go back so we must appreciate it as it is playing out…drama and all.

Appreciation. Gratitude for this moment in time. Today, it was sharing coffee with a friend, meeting soon to be new friends, a glass of wine at the end of the day and a drive down a tree lined road. Sound routine? Sound ordinary? Maybe so but then again it will never happen…exactly …the same way again.


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