Route 66 and the back roads

The red jeep turned off Niwot Road and headed up to Hygiene,Colorado. From there it made its way to Highway 66.  What is it about that road that puts a smile on my  face. Maybe it is remembering an earlier time when the TV show Route 66 was on and traveling around the country  meeting new people and being involved in your life still seemed possible.  Maybe it was about the back roads of life as opposed to the super highways that felt so good. Maybe that is what still causes me to get off the main roads  and seek out the less traveled ones.

You drive past fruit stands. Hand painted welcome signs. Eggs in a basket on the side of the road near a farm with the sign saying “eggs for sale…leave money in the basket”.  The honor system of life. What exactly happened to that concept.

What matters to you. What rings true. Where do you want to linger. Who do you want to linger with.  Is there a Route 66 near you. That back road that you always avoid because you want to get to the end so fast.  The end is the end. Life is found on the back roads.


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4 Responses to Route 66 and the back roads

  1. Heather 09/17/2012 at #

    back roads–when things were simplier—when I was young there were only back roads — -miss that!

    • Paul 09/17/2012 at #

      Going from small town to small town…local stores. Not big malls.milk shakes at the counter. There was such a time.

  2. suzanne 09/17/2012 at #

    Paul: Happy New Year. It is great to reflect about the good old days as maybe they were a time of happiness and innocence. But we still need the internet highway to help us express our thoughts. It seems that life brings “change” so we must learn to accept and learn how to enjoy that change. Time doesn’t stand still, after all. it is the beginning of a new year. Harold

    • Paul 09/17/2012 at #

      You are so right. But I also believe that we were given memories so we can travel through those memories and bring back thoughts that keep us warm on a chilly evening.

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