She sat on a bus stop bench. She couldn't be more than 4. She was tapping 2 bracelets together, one in each hand, and laughing at the sound it made. Her hair was pulled back and tied with a red bow. Her mother sat next to her, makeup put on unevenly and foot tapping, as the bus pulled up.They vanished into the bus, barcelets and all.
That's it. Nothing more. No back story. No front story. Just that scene.
And yet I worry about that little child. I hope it turns out all right. Innocence. The simple joy of sitting on a bench tapping bracelets together. I hope she finds her path. As the years go by that little girl will not even recall that moment. Yet I can't get it out of my mind. How does it play out. Who chooses. Who has a say. Who can shift events and save the day before it becomes cut in stone. Never forget the little ones. The innocent ones. The ones whose world is that of tapping bracelets on a bus stop bench. Remember your moment and recapture it. An ageless experiment.


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