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It is easy to just keep doing the same things over and over. The routine. Yet each day is unique. The day should not be a rut. The relationships. The connections. The unfolding legacy. Each day is an endangered species. Each day you can begin again.  Each morning the sun rises and there is unlimited potential.  And you can link into that magic.  Or not.  But why not? Today I heard about the death of a good person. Our paths crossed years ago through mutual friends. We were close to the same age and now gone.  So it got me thinking about legacy and ruts. Don’t wait. Begin now. It is not too late unless you stop yourself. Why stop yourself? I was working out today at crossfit. I know where I am in my life. I recognize that truth. But I am still exploring my potential. I still have the spark to challenge myself and redefine the journey.  So spread the word.


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