The ageless bookshelf

It  kind of happened by accident. There was some planning but not really. It  just took shape over the years. As I sit in the den and look at the bookcase my eyes wander the collection of things placed here and there on the shelves. We all have those places. Those shelves. Those stories. A stranger may walk in and just see an odd collection of things, scratch their head and shrug and walk out. Yet to you, each item tells a tale. A piece of a story. A memory. A joy. A sadness. A found. A loss.

These shelves have pictures of family moments. Baby pictures. Wedding, anniversary, vacation shots…all differently framed. Motorcycles. Skydiving. Beaches and mountains. Drums from shaman journeys. Evil eyes from foreign trips. Hunting knives from my dad’s collection over 40 years ago. An underwood typewriter from an earlier time. Dolls , vases from all different travels.

They each tell a story that can fill a book. They are lonely now. There was a time when they were bought and were the center of the moment of choice. But now they sit as mere background music to the larger story. But if you look, touch, reflect, dream, you remember everything about each one. They are family. They are part of your story. They matter. Spend a moment going through their history and you will rediscover your history. Each mattered. Welcome them back in to your present day. They can still participate in your dance.

They are ageless. Just like you.


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4 Responses to The ageless bookshelf

  1. Heather 10/22/2012 at #

    what you write is so true—My father was a very smart man as my mother was—-my father had a college education and graduated from farmingdale in the 1940’s I picked up a book of his—there were equations he wrote in the book that I have no idea what they are and meant–but he did—-I gave almost all his books to my brother who is also very bright and probably understand a lot of what he wrote amazing!!!!

    • Paul 10/22/2012 at #

      Study what is on those shelves…they tell the story of your life…

  2. Danielle 10/22/2012 at #

    I really enjoy every one of your posts! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Paul 10/22/2012 at #

      Thank you. I so appreciate you being part of this experiment.

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