The angel factor

I think it is a combination of his voice, the soulful guitar, the specific words, and the intangible feeling that you just want it to be so that makes me play the song over and over and think or dream about what could be .

Willie Nelson is the voice. His guitar centerpiece of the song is haunting. But the words…Angel Flying To Close to the Ground….takes me away.Take a moment and listen to it. It will stay with you. It always gets me thinking about those who are just so true and present in an ever glowing light. How many angels do you know?  You know, those among us who just make you feel more. Feel better. Feel safer. Feel connected. Feel not alone. Feel not lost. Feel not isolated. Feel one with a larger story. Feel lighter.

I say feel because this is not about thinking or mind games or clever one liners. I am so weary of those who think that thinking solves the issues. I know it helps, but feeling the truth of the larger story is where the angels reside.  Can you find your angel part. That part of you that is just more.

Today, be open to the angels around you. Some are flying close to the ground.

The ageless experiment.


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6 Responses to The angel factor

  1. Connie 11/14/2012 at #

    Shortly after dinner tonight, I played “Angel Flying Close to the Ground.” We listened to the lyrics closely and loved them. So we decided to keep playing “angel” songs.

    We moved from the dinner table to the couch nearby with Willie Nelson and Ray Charles’ “Seven Spanish Angels,” then Juice Newton’s “Angel of the Morning.”

    We made another move, this time to the den and took a detour with Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman” and Johnny Lee’s “Looking for Love.”

    Then, we came right back to the angel songs with Charlie Pride’s “Kiss an Angel Good Morning,” U2s “Angel of Harlem,” Ralph Stanley’s “Angel Band,” the Black Crows “She Talks to Angels” and ended it with Dar Williams’ “Speaking With the Angel.”

    We too have been “swimming in change” and the last six weeks have been challenging. It was so nice to sit back, listen to the music and enjoy the moment. Tonight you were one of our angels. Thank You.

    • Paul 11/14/2012 at #

      What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Angel songs. Swimming in change seems to call out to the angels in our lives. We are so lucky when they appear. Thank you for your kindness.

  2. Lisa 11/14/2012 at #

    I keep my angels close and cherish them always 🙂

    • Paul 11/14/2012 at #

      You are very wise…

  3. sharon 11/14/2012 at #

    to know angels is to be an angel….i am one of the very lucky people. and, i thank you so much for being an angel in my life…

    • Paul 11/14/2012 at #

      Thank you. We all need angels. They are all around if we only open our hearts.

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