The box jump and taking flight

Saying it is one thing. Doing it is another. Trying to do it is fine but just doing it is the key. It is so easy to not commit. But there we Crossfit. This time it was wall climbing, toes to bar, weighted sit ups, hollow rocks but also the box jump. Such a basic concept…jump onto the box and jump off.

When it was over and we were getting ready to leave I realized why it is so good. You must be, stay, commit and be present in the moment. A box jump. You have to concentrate and know that it must be made. Once committed to the movement you can’t falter. How often we falter in the effort because we don’t believe there are consequences. But there are. You are cheating yourself out of all of you in the moment.

I am writing my book and one chapter is the 100% commitment to your day, your life, your moment. The box jump is a metaphor for life. Grounded but in flight. Committing to the goal and risking injury. But what is life without the possibility of flight.

Experiment in the ageless effort and take flight.


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2 Responses to The box jump and taking flight

  1. Kyle 03/14/2013 at #

    Do not forget to breathe.

    • Paul 03/14/2013 at #


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