What Are You Waiting For?

The day after he died everyone went back to work.

The day after he died everyone did all the things they did the day before he died.

Yet he took the burden of the day on his shoulders every day as if it wouldn’t go on unless he was there.

He managed a milk dairy.

The day after he died the milk dairy operated and the trucks delivered the milk.

Yet he never gave himself the liberty to free himself for even a day.

To live.

To travel to England to visit Baker Street and wander the places that he read about in the stories of Sherlock Holmes.

What exactly are you waiting for.

It is a beautiful day today.

The birds have been singing for hours already.

So the question of the day is….when someone asks you what you are doing today…how do you answer the question.

Are you giving yourself permission to freely choose.

Or are you a prisoner in a world of your own creation.

Choose liberty.

The ageless experiment.


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