The door to your destiny

I did the mile. Then I rowed the 2k. Then I did the push presses. Of course all that was done after the warmup of bear crawls. During each exercise you think about stopping, quitting or just sitting down but you don’t. Why? Why not?
You keep going because it is you with you seeking your full potential. So you keep at it. Running, rowing, weights as the clock keeps you pushing.
Crossfit is a test. A test of your will. A test of your commitment to your story. Age is irrelevant. Time stands still. You feel as if you walked through a door. A door that leads to a place where your journey matters.
So often the day pulls us in so many directions. Commitments, obligations, requirements, responsibilities. Yet in the gym it is your time to simply say…I matter. I am worth it. I want to feel good about me. I care if I can be more of me in the moment. And so you cheer each other on. You don’t sit down. You push yourself. You feel the muscles responding and you know you are ageless. Timeless. Just you in the moment.
Can we transfer that to the rest of the day? Presenting ourselves completely. Getting the job done with style and grace. Life is lived not only in your head, but in your heart, soul, spirit and every fiber that makes you you.


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