The edge of discovery

The Razor’s Edge. What a great book. It was made into two movies. But it is the book that I revisit every few years. The story is deep and textured but, in the end, it is about the choices we all make in our lives. We find ourselves on the edge of decisions.

We find ourselves at crossroads. So often we can see the decision to be made but wait. Or fret about consequences. So we freeze in place. We become frozen in time. We  find ourselves at a life moment that is as sharp as the edge of the sharpest of knives. The road to self discovery always, sooner or later, passes over the edge of the razor.

So what to do at the moment of choice. Risk the cuts or step down.  The stepping down means you just never know. You never savor success or failure. And both must be savored. We learn  from both. We grow, many times, from the failures more than the successes. So step out onto the edge. The cuts may be the only way to find true healing.

In the ageless experiment we all step out on the edge. That is a timeless moment. Make the choice.


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10 Responses to The edge of discovery

  1. Heather 10/26/2012 at #

    This day is a big day for my brother–He is retiring —-well deserved —I am so proud of him—-very special person—

    • Paul 10/26/2012 at #

      You think back to beginnings and starts then to turning points and moments of discovery then to recognition that there is a road to take that goes in a different direction. Appreciate each moment. Time matters. You matter. Thanks!

  2. Lisa 10/26/2012 at #

    I really like that last line, Paul. “The cuts may be the only way to find true healing”.

    • Paul 10/26/2012 at #

      Lisa, thank you. I keep believing that healing comes in many ways.

  3. Karen 10/26/2012 at #

    If your brother is who I think he is, his retirement is more than well deserved. He is one of the finest most upstanding individuals I have met. Someone who has taught me how to stay focused and press forward.

    I miss seeing him but I am glad we remain connected here. Afterall, it’s all good.

    • Paul 10/26/2012 at #

      Thank you! So appreciate your kind words. Yes…it’s all good!

  4. Patricia 10/26/2012 at #

    Congratulations on your retirement. I too am very pleased that through here I will still benefit from the wisdom you impart to all of us. I agree with Karen. You are a unique individual with all the qualities of a true gentlemen and mentor. You will be sorely missed.

    • Paul 10/26/2012 at #

      Thank you my friend.

  5. sharon 10/27/2012 at #

    Enjoy your new path, your new chapter….your memories will always be with you and now time to make new ones. Congratulations on all your accomplishments; past, present and . future. It will be fun and enlightening to follow you on this journey….Timing is everything!!!

    • Paul 10/27/2012 at #

      Thank you. Follow me on this journey. Enjoy your journey.

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