The flight home

A dream. Some times doesn’t it feel like it is all a dream? We wandered Cambodia and Vietnam. Each day opened a new lesson, experience, appreciation of a different way of living a life and seeing the world.
From Buddhist monasteries in Cambodia to island caves in Halong Bay in Vietnam. So moving. Putting life in a different context. Seeking the quiet. A silence. A moment of reflection.
Then on the flight home I thought that it is all like life….a dream that you look back on and hope that you lived wisely, fully and honestly so there are no regrets.
Don’t wait. Don’t hold back. Don’t phone it in. Live it. Embrace it …because before you know it, you will be on “the flight home”.


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2 Responses to The flight home

  1. Cindy Goodman 11/04/2013 at #


    You make a great point. We get so busy on the journey we often don’t appreciate it until the flight home. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

    • Paul 11/04/2013 at #

      Cindy, thank you for your comment. We need to reframe the journey. The gift of the day is so precious.

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